Sunday, January 3, 2010

#67 - Bill Swift

Decent shot during what looks like pre-inning warmup tosses. The apathetic look on Swift's face gives that away. The photo gives us a good look at those old Seattle unis with the blue and yellow stripes and a hint of that ugly "Mariners" typeface on the jersey. And wow, is that one blurry crowd or what?

On the back of the card, we're treated to the nugget, "[Bill] is one of 15 children." I assumed (probably stupidly) that he was from Utah, but nope, good ol' Maine. How many bathrooms do you think his childhood home had? Oh wait, he was from Maine. How many outhouses do you think his childhood home had?

Swift was a decent pitcher, who began his career as a starter without much success, then transitioned to the pen and was fantastic. In '92 he was traded to San Francisco and became a starter again. That ended up being a great decision as Swift led the league in ERA in '92 and finished second in the Cy Young Award voting in '93 (21-8, 2.82).


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  2. "Ugly typeface"? Are you nuts? That's easily the greatest Mariner uniform in franchise history. Athletic wear at its finest and that is sorely missed. Pullover jerseys and sansabelt knickers are the 'Ultimate Baseball Look', the 'Classic Baseball Look'. It is just a more dynamic and vibrant look. A look that needs to return to all of baseball. It just looks younger. They were ahead of their time in the 1980s in terms of baseball fashion, far superior than the look of today.