Sunday, March 29, 2009

#47 - Dennis Powell

This is a weird card. First, Dennis looks like he knows some secret that he's afraid we might figure out. And I'm guessing it's the identity of the guy behind him. Check out that stirrupped foot behind his back. If you look quickly, it almost makes it look like Powell is wearing one of those wireless mic battery pack things that talk show guests wear. That's also a strange edifice in the background. It almost looks like a travel trailer that's halfway underground. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about Dodgertown has an idea what that is.

Aside from that,w e have a decent look at the Dodgers logo on the cap, a nice shot of the Dodger "D" and good look at a new Rawlings glove.

I don't have any first-hand recollection of Powell, but looking at his stats, he was pretty crappy. He pitched 339 innings over an 8-year major league career for LA, Seattle and Milwaukee (as a reliever and spot starter) and finished with an ERA+ of 80. Blech.

However, he does share a pretty meaningless record. He accumulated 3 hits in his career, all doubles. That ties him for the MLB record for career hits totaling nothing but doubles with Earl Hersh and Verdo Elmore. Good for him.


  1. You know nothig about baseball. Dennis made it to the majors which is more than anything you can say for your entire life. I mean for goodness sake you collect baseball cards. You have his card I'm sure noone has urs. I got an idea how bout u burn ur collection and work on losing your virginity, rather than wating your life hating on peple who are obviously more accomplished than you. Its 2010 noone collects baseball cards anymore you queer

  2. Settle down Peach :) Yes making it to the majors is quite an accomplishment and we all admire anyone that does make it. However, the stats don't lie and Mr. Powell started his major league career with the Dodgers with some promise but due to personal tragedies that would probably impair most people with the best of talent he was rendered average. I understand that he is coaching and mentoring young pitchers in California and has a lovely wife and family which I hope is fulfulling for him.