Monday, March 23, 2009

#44 - Greg Harris

What is Greg looking at here? I hope it's a skywriting ad for mustache trimmers. That is a terrible, terrible 'stache, and a pretty boring photo to boot. Hey, I just used the expression, "to boot."

Greg Harris (not Greg W. Harris, mind you--hey, I just used the expression, "mind you") was a very useful reliever throughout his 15-year major league career. He spent most of the time coming out of the pen, but did make nearly 100 starts. I remember Greg best as the reliever for the Red Sox who led the league in appearances in 1993 (throwing 112 innings) and had that goofy ambidextrous glove. It seemed like we would see him in every game that year, and thanks to a team playing .500 ball, we almost did.

Throughout the latter part of his career, Greg repeatedly made it known that he wanted to pitch with both arms, alternating as dictated by the opposing hitter. He finally got a chance with the Expos in '95, and, according to Wikipedia:

"In the ninth inning, Harris retired Reggie Sanders pitching right-handed, then switched to his left hand for the next two hitters, Hal Morris and Ed Taubensee, who both batted lefty. Harris walked Morris but got Taubensee to ground out. He then went back to his right hand to retire Bret Boone to end the inning."


  1. Pitching with both arms... I need to see video of that. I just tried to throw my cat her ball with my left hand and instead of going straight it went sideways and down.

  2. It was done last year in the minors by a player of A or AA Yankees team. There's also a 1950's & 1960's pitcher who did it during practices, but not during a game : Cal McLish.
    Ben, I saw that game on YV and have parts of it on a VHS tape. It was fine. The very first pitch was pretty high and Harris had a little smile on his face. Reds & Expos players were happy for him, so were the fans, giving Harris big applauzes.

  3. I was fortunate enough to see that game live (on TV)! Very, very exciting. Could not figure out what the Charlie Brown glove was about. The Stadium was ecstatic, quite memorable.