Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#42 - Gary Redus

A lot of dirt on the uni in this photo, which is perfectly appropriate for Redus. You also get a nice look at the name on the back of his jersey, while still seeing his face. Very cool. And as a bonus we get a nice shot of a catcher between Gary's legs. John Russell maybe? It doesn't look like Darren Daulton to me.

While the guy never had a season with 500+ ABs, he stole a ton of bases. From '83 to '87 he stole 48+ bases three times despite having only two seasons with over 400 ABs during that time.


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  2. Let's try this again... NOW WITH IMPROVED TYPING!!!

    In 1985 he stole 48 bases in only 101 games. He made the most of his starts, stealing 37 bases in 62 starts. Seven swipes were as a pinch runner (17 games), and four came when he had entered as a pinch hitter (22 games).

    It seems like you'd expect a little more out of a pinch runner, especially if you used him 17 times. But the Phillies were 11-5-1 when he entered the game as a pinch runner; you can't really tell much from that other than he was most likely brought in to pinch run and then as a defensive substitution the next half inning.

  3. In looking at the background, I think that guy has to be Derrel Thomas. He's black and he's a catcher. In 1986, the Phillies had Daulton, Pirates manager Jon Russell, and Ronn Reynolds, all white guys. I'm guessing Thomas, who was with the Phillies in 1985, must have been with them in spring training. Does't make much sense, though, as I think that's Shea Stadium and not likely to be a spring training photo.

    That's definitely the visitor's dugout we're looking at.

  4. Hmmm, it kinda just looks like a white guy in the shadows to me. But what the hell do I know.