Sunday, April 19, 2009

#49 - Terry Harper

Geez, I thought Willie McGee was the only guy who constantly looked like he was undergoing a rectal exam. Harper looks pained here. And check out the guy in the dugout, bottom right. He's either wearing a very large hat or has some crazy hair. Or both.

I don't have much recollection of Harper, for good reason. He played all but 31 games of his 8-season career with not-so-good Braves teams, and he was a regular only once, getting nearly 500 ABs in '85. That year he was right around the league average, hitting .264 with 17 homers and 74 RBI for a 100 OPS+. Problem was, he didn't walk enough, struck out too much and didn't have the power you want in a corner outfielder. Which is why he didn't play much.


  1. Some of those late 80s teams were really bad. I watched a lot of their games because having baseball every day on cable was still a novelty.

  2. The Harper photo reminds me of the scene in Forrest Gump when Lt. Dan tells Bubba to tuck that thing in (his bottom lip).